Mission / Vision

The mission of GRANITENDER consists in the exploration and transformation of ornamental rock, cut stone, production and commercialization of aggregates, namely gravel and "tout venant's", for the production of asphalt, concrete and other civil engineering works and road construction.

  • Commercialization of high quality products, satisfying and exceeding customer expectations and requirements;
  • Disseminate best practices on terms of quality and safety, having as main objective the achievement of a sustainable development.


Values / Goals

Exploring only one quarry, GRANITENDER intends at short/medium term find alternatives that allow maintain and expand their business, always with the prospect of legal compliance of environmental protection, as well as innovating in products, finishes and production methods ensuring a structured and sustained growth, taking into account the needs of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, based on:

  • High quality of our products and services to ensure a long-term sustainability;
  • Develop their production process, making it more competitive and dynamic;
  • Being synonymous of competence and reliability, on the products that provide to ensure honesty and integrity in customer relations;
  • Promote conditions of Security in working place and bet strongly on measures of Environmental Protection;
  • Make their "target market" more comprehensive in order to consolidate its position and thus be able to take effective leadership in the Region;
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of the life quality in the region.
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