Portugal has millenary tradition in the use of stone with the most various purposes, satisfying a wide range of material and spiritual needs. The art of working the stone left in our country well delineated, the traces of its ceaseless evolution from the ages and instruments that date back to prehistoric monuments to the era of modern buildings and great works of engineering and architecture. This art has always sought the efficient use of raw materials by taking advantage of its natural qualities of beauty, durability and easy conservation. In particular, bridges, sidewalks and Roman buildings, castle of the early days of nationality, Monasteries of Alcobaça, Batalha and Jeronimos, the grand Mafra Convent, palaces and other monumental works from various eras, are inextricably linked to our history, being living landmarks of the grandiose times, showing in its robustness or its sumptuousness, the accuracy of the work techniques used by our ancestors.

Thus, a whole legion of architects, engineers, building contractors, sculptors, decorators and flower beds, give broad to their business by emphasizing the search for new technical and aesthetic solutions predicting the use of stone, while contributing to a better use and development of resources that are available.

The modernization of mining and manufacturing industries, with the adoption of new methods of dismantling and sawdust, with the use of the latest techniques of polishing, has contributed decisively to the maintenance and increment of demand, which traditionally distinguishes the Portuguese rocks. Concurrently with this modernization, have been studied and launched more flexible and dynamic corporate structures, allowing their survival due to possible phases of adverse economic conditions, or the simple fluctuation of market.

In 2003, the production of ornamental Portuguese rocks exceeded 1,600,000 tons, worth approximately 110 million euros. These numbers are the guarantee that the sector of ornamental rocks is a reliable factor of development based on natural wealth that the country has in abundance.

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